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% Consumers

prefer paying their bills online.

However, less than


% Revenue

comes through online payments for over half of the US's collection agencies.
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Iconnect247 - Customizable modules
Customizable modules
Deploy modules that best compliment your business needs - and turn your collection challenges into opportunities! Explore features
IConnect247 - Integrated Payments
Integrated payment
Get seamless integrations with your existing payment portals and gateways - with added functionalities on top of them! Explore features
IConnect247 - Data Tracking
Single-pane data tracking
View customer account interactions from across channels in one place - including live chat, text, emails, and more! Explore features
IConnect247 - Whitelabelled portal
Whitelabelled payment portal
Label the web and app interfaces with your own company branding across digital channels - with a simple setup! Explore features
IConnect247 - Industry leading compliance
Industry leading compliance
Implement SOC2 compliance and secure communications. Customize your compliance needs to segment-specific requirements. Explore features

The IConnect247 Web Portal and Mobile App

Collect from customers across platforms - through a revolutionary self-service solution that gets you more collections through lesser manpower.

Your customers have bills to pay - but that doesn't mean they can't be happy while paying them! Through an omnichannel approach and multiple touchpoints, we help you seamlessly include technology into processes - helping you improve collection rates at lower costs. With features like live chat, text and push notifications, automated negotiations, and more - we'll help you digitize payments like never before!

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IConnect247 Omnichannel self payment app for collection agencies

IConnect247 partners see a direct 10% reduction in their average manpower cost

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Consumer contact solutions for innovative agencies
Live Chat & Chatbots
Get a real-time two-way chat between your consumers and agents - allowing easier resolutions without calls! Set up automated chatbots during non-working hours to always engage with your customers.
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Account Management
Allow customers to access and manage multiple accounts - all linked together in a single-pane view!
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Document Management
Still sending emails and letters? Share documents between agents and consumers through a secure and 100% compliant document sharing tool. Utilize in-app e-signature facilities to streamline documentation and speed up collections!
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Self-Service Payments
Allow digital payments through the web or mobile portal itself - through any preferred payment option! This facility can be seamlessly integrated with your payment gateway provider.
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Digital Negotiations
Negotiate payments terms as per your requirements - without needing an agent! Allow consumers multiple repayment options over a period of time, and reduce the likelihood of bad debt.
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Automatic Reminders
Your customers get payment reminders and other notifications through SMS and in-app, ensuring that you're constantly interacting with them at each digital touchpoint.
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Technology-driven consumer contact solutions for collection.


100% compliant - throughout

Our solutions are 100% compliant to leading industry standards - so your back is always covered!


Integrates across providers

Your existing gateway gets augmented by IConnect247 - ensuring that technology is never a roadblock.

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